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By focusing appraisal and consulting services toward the financial well-being of our clients, BMS Art provides reports and actionable advice on valuation, risk management, sales, loans, estate and asset planning, transit guidance and collection management.  Unique in the industry, BMS Art offers a fiduciary relationship on engagements, assuring clients we are always working in their best interest.

Brian ShannonFounder & Lead Appraiser

Brian Shannon - BMS Art

Brian is a specialist in Modern and Contemporary art, market transactions, and protection strategies for art and collectibles, and is a certified member of the Appraiser’s Association of America.

A knowledgeable art appraiser and consultant, Brian has over 15 years experience working with art collections. As an appraiser, he has valued over $500million in personal property for collectors and artists, and advised on valuations for institutions and specialized art dealers. He has consulted on collections ranging from $500,000 to $2.4billion. In 2016, BMS Art negotiated the sale and donation of over $1million in paintings to the Smithsonian American Art Museum, facilitated the authentication of a Childe Hassam painting, and established a comprehensive plan for the dissolution of artworks in a $20million estate.

Trained in risk management and preservation, Brian works with families and wealth managers to protect collections at home, on loan, and in the care of storage facilities. A specialist in insurance and protection, he served as a national resource and advisor for AXA Art Americas and Chubb Insurance, two of the largest art insurance companies in the US. BMS Art is a preferred provider for Chubb’s Masterpiece Protection Network, AXA Art, and others.

Brian teaches courses on protecting and valuing wine, jewelry, fine art and collectibles to insurance professionals and wealth managers throughout the US. His published articles and speaking engagements focus on issues pertaining to protecting collections from physical and financial harm as well as understanding the fluid and ever-changing art market.

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We build processes and teams suited to each engagement.

With Brian overseeing all aspects of client service and advisory, a network of qualified specialists compliment his expertise. Having spent over a decade hiring, referring, and reviewing the work of hundreds of specialists and appraisers, Brian has carefully vetted each to his highest standards. Associates have at least 10 years experience in their respective fields. Appraisers are USPAP compliant, professionally trained and proficient in their area of expertise. We build teams committed to exemplary service. Insurance companies, attorneys, financial advisors and the IRS trust BMS Art and the individuals we work with.

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